About Us

NGP is about showing you how to garden for real vitality.

The NGP 3-Step programme was developed by Sarchen Bassingthwaighte and encompasses all the key natural soil building and maintenance components that Sarchen researched and experimented with over a 15 year period in the landscape industry, after modern gardening practices failed her.

The programme builds an enlivened soil that creates humus soils within 3-4 months, increases soil water holding capacity by up to 50%, delivers a broad spectrum of nutrients to plants over an extended period of time, and boosts their immunity to bio-chemically defend themselves against pests & diseases. This produces a vibrant state that manufactures highly nourished and electrically charged foods to be imparted for human consumption, and delivers luminous green plants coupled with high flower rates to recreational gardeners. 

As its foundation NGP honours 4-petals; life, nourish, immunity and energy. LIFE decomposes organic content, releases nutrients and protects plants from pests and disease, NOURISHment is achieved by ensuring all nutrients become available for assimilation, high IMMUNITY ensures plants can bio-chemically protect themselves against pests and disease, and vibrant ENERGY is a precursor to ongoing health and strong yields.

The petal principle is put into effect using the NGP 3-Step Programme; Supercharge, Boost & Maintain.
SUPERCHARGE is an annual fully comprehensive but easy soil building exercise done each May to produce fresh humus rich soil right there in your own garden beds and lawns, BOOST is two lighter replenishments of the same done every January and September + drenched Mycorrhizae, and MAINTAIN is a simple fortnightly maintenance regime of flicking micro-organisms and electrolytes.

1) GREEN NUTRIENT + optional fresh greens of your own are laid down to form the basis of the soils latent nourishment, 2) inoculated composting worms and cocoons in SOIL BUILD process these to partially release contained nutrients, 3) flicked COMPOST EXTRACT + TRACE ELEMENTALS release micro-organisms and electrolytes to further digest nutrients, act as biological control agents to help prevent pest disease & impart biodynamic vitals, and 4) CARBON BUILD mulch ensures carbon chains are released for long-term nutrient stability and slow release.
When is Supercharge done? Supercharge is done immediately when you start Natural Gardening at any time of year; it is then repeated at approximately half the rate of application every May which ties in with the time of year when all activity moves downwards into the soil to ensure nutrients can be restructured before Spring.

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