Natural Gardening Principles has developed a unique understanding of the natural sciences. In an effort to successfully convey the scientific information pertaining to natural gardening principles to the everyday gardener, we sometimes simplify the biochemical* / biological* aspects of the natural sciences in our communications.

Our aim is to stimulate interest in the unique microcosm* that a natural garden can create to those who do not have a proficient vocabulary in these sciences. We endeavor to explain these phenomena* using everyday understandable language. We also aim to educate our readers, giving definitions of terminology where necessary.

Led by qualified Landscape Technologist Sarchen Bassingthwaighte, who has run a successful garden management company for many years and who studies the natural sciences, many communiqués from Natural Gardening Principles are based on her esteemed knowledge and opinion. We acknowledge that these opinions may be in conflict with some sciences and other disciplines.

There are various ways of explaining the principles of nature. We have selected to explain it in our own way, the Natural Gardening Principles way. We trust that you will find it helpful in comprehending your garden.

*Natural Gardening Principles word list

  • Biochemical: Noun, the science dealing with the Chemistry of living matter
  • Biological: Adjective, of or pertaining to the products and operations of applied biology: a biological test
  • Microcosm: Noun, a little world; a world in miniature
  • Phenomena: Noun, a fact, occurrence, or circumstance observed or observable: to study the phenomena of nature