Supercharge - First application

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Purchase Price: the first application is R545.00/10m2   First application: The first application of Supercharge is your point of entry into Natural Gardening and is a full rate of application. (Subsequent repeat applications every May will be at half the rate of application) How to order: Simply calculate the size of the area you want to Supercharge, eg. 30m2 and then order 3 x 10m2; or 300m3 and then order 3 x 100m2, and so on. Cape Town only.    SUPERCHARGE SOIL PER 10m2. 1 x 25kgs Green Nutrients,  1 x 500g Soil Build,   200mls Compost Extract + 20 mls Trace Elementals (2 applications, one for installation, one for maintenance), and 5 x 50dm bags Carbon Build.   PLUS FREE SUPPORT ON OUR MEMBERSHIP WEBSITE AND EMAIL PROMPTS.      Should you wish NGP to install your Supercharge simply go to the purchase page and purchase installation units per 10sqm, or email for assistance.